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  YouTube News

YouTube turns HD into 3D

YouTube just took its 3D conversion out of beta and rolled it out to across the site. With the click of a button, short-form high-definition videos uploaded in 1080p now offer the three-dimensional flavor as well. Over the past year of beta testing, YouTube has fine-tuned back-end conversion, using a number of video characteristics such as color, spatial layout and motion for estimating a depth map for each from of a monoscopic video sequence. From that depth map and the original frame, a stereo 3D left and right pair is created -- 3D magic. YouTube claims bragging rights on having the most HD content online, with 10% of its videos available in HD. Now, it may just be able to claim the most 3D video as well. There are hundreds of thousands of 3D videos up now for your cross-eyed viewing pleasure.

FIFA adds YouTube channel

FIFA has increased its use of social media by launching a YouTube channel showing free highlights from some World Cup matches. FIFA says it will add features on preparations for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, streaming live media events and other international tournament matches. The channel was launched by screening clips from five 2010 World Cup matches, including Spain's 2-0 win against Honduras and the United States beating Algeria 1-0. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said YouTube users should be able to watch "the greatest moments" of World Cup history.

You Tube and Paramount reach deal on rentals

YouTube and Paramount Pictures have reached a deal to make nearly 500 films available to rent online. The deal makes Paramount the fifth major Hollywood studio to join YouTube's online video store. But for a while it seemed Paramount was less likely to join its moviemaking pals in the deal with YouTube. Its parent company, Viacom, is still involved in a 2006 lawsuit with YouTube for $1 billion dollars. The suit seeks damages for alleged piracy by YouTube, which is owned by Google.

YouTube Founders Take Aim at Online Magazine Publishers With Zeen

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s AVOS is on the move with a new project, Zeen. Zeen, which currently exists as a minimalist website, Twitter feed and Facebook page, promises users will be able to "discover & create beautiful magazines" and offers prospective users the opportunity to reserve a username. The site allows users to register via Facebook, Twitter or with an email address. Zeen is brand spanking new so very little info is available but the name and promise of being able to create magazines both indicate a service likely aimed squarely at the emerging market for tablet-friendly publications–a way for users to perhaps leapfrog over the middle step of creating a blog and create something more like a dynamically updated app.


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